Love & Graphic Design


Design is not a game. Instead, it’s a series of choices. This segment, for example, written on the last ¾ of a page — the margin was technically not a choice. This is as much paper as is not hanging off the tiny bar I am standing at. Standing: after 10 hours at work and a long phone call regarding an ex–girlfriend I still love. That’s New York, though: a city of constraints, limits, and thus, design.

But design doesn’t end with your margins. I chose to bring her up and it — this — because it was in me (I am in it, it is on my mind). So unless you’re designing an eBook that’s going to change forms four times depending on the device it’s read on, you better be ready to be proscriptive. I mean, you better accept that a bit of you is going to come through — the things you believe, the ethics you stand for, etc. — and you better be pretty damn concerned which bit.

The worst possible scenario is one in which what you stand for ends up being “contemporary design.” That is to say, a modern, minimal, flexible aesthetic that caters to clients of all shapes and sizes & bears no trace of our old nemesis, the fickle human hand.

Please do not shy away from design mistakes — and make them knowingly. This is one, for example. It’s too much about me, and I knew that going in. But I made the mistake intentionally: was it a mistake? I’m young & I loved someone — so fuck you.