Drone Activity

Photocopy, stapled

A book that is also a score for itself.

This publication was made exclusively for a 30-minute window at the 2013 Brooklyn Art Book and Zine Fair. I collaborated with the experimental musician Ben Seretan to lead a collective reading of the text, which occurred while a taped reading of the book played back extemporaneously, according to a score laid out on the book's pages. One is prohibited from reading the publication anywhere else, at any moment.

Packaged like a bomb and written like a screed, Drone Activity rails against the very venue of its presentation—are designers and artists essentially just making work for other designers and artists? We made a book for an insanely specific group of people in order to ask the question. Conspiratorial analogues drawn between Google Glass, drone music/strikes, the Obama administration, art fairs, and the Red Bull Music Academy, whose own concert “Drone Activity” inspired the book.