BF Zine 4 — The Bronx

Risographed, flat-stapled spine

Published June, 2014. The fourth of five publications on civic problems in New York City by BF Bifocals, a working group of multimedia designers and thinkers.

The material composition of every publication in the series reflects the nature of the problem at hand. Rather than try to speak about problems of race and space in New York—too often mishandled by young thinkers and liberal arts school graduates—we decided to make a document capturing the current state of the Bronx, a borough of New York at high risk of future gentrification, through printed matter that was already there. Printed objects were collected off the ground over several visits and in many neighborhoods, and printed off the Risograph glass bed in many ink colors—onto paper of many colors and qualities—to reflect the borough's diversity.

The limited run of 100 was distributed at the 2014 Brooklyn Art Book and Zine Fair, hosted by Blonde Art Books at Signal Gallery, Brooklyn.