Alex Tatusian

is open 24/7. He's a graphic designer and art director currently living in southern California.

is the design director at The Marshall Project, a news organization reporting on criminal justice.

designs and helps code (and occasionally illustrate) the big stories and the site, oversees design, and produces any physical or digital objects TMP needs.

With lots of development work by fabulous colleagues Gabe Isman, Anna Flagg, and Katie Park

Before that,

was a fellow at the Center for Urban Pedagogy, working on a publication to elucidate New York City bail practices for families of the incarcerated.

That work led

to design and illustrate the first city-wide report on predatory equity in New York City's affordable housing system, for Stabilizing NYC.

seeks out collaborators doing crucial jobs, like VII, a photo agency who commissioned Uncertain Journeys, a compendium of their photojournalism from the refugee crisis in Europe.

Until 2017,

was a designer at Bon Appétit, where he designed and art directed graphics for the print magazine, web elements, and video series. He also produced and directed one-off video projects.

"It's Alive!" art direction and title design • "BAM!" (Emeril video) concept, production, and design

For 5 years,

ran BF Bifocals, a working group providing graphic design and other resources for the public good. They facilitated publications and exhibitions on major civic problems in New York and promoted a more equitable, accessible art and design community.

takes on freelance work of many kinds but especially loves long working relationships that grow with time.


at alextatusian @ cox dot net